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Training System Package

We create the Training System on your company from the beginning to the end of the Training System. The objectives of the package are :

  1. Build the Company Culture.
  2. Company Culture implementation.
  3. Build the standard communication in company environment.
  4. Build the standard operation procedures.
  5. Build the standard of Performance Review.
  6. Build the standard of Operation Review.
  7. Build the Training System (People, Organization, Review, Audit)
  8. Training Need and Status Identification.
  9. Create measurable standard parameters so that it will facilitate each assessment.

In order to achieve the objectives we create some tools :

  1. Training and Operation Manual Book.
  2. Station Activities Checklist.
  3. Daily Operation Checklist.
  4. Daily Communication Book.
  5. Weekly/Monthly meeting tools.
  6. People Development Tools.
  7. Data Analysis Management Tools (Ordering, Scheduling, Payroll, Profit and Loss Statement, etc)
  8. POS (Point Of Sales) or IT tools for Operation and Management..
  9. Operation Excellence Review
  10. Training and Operation Audit.
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