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Our Services

  1. Creating and building the training system.
    • Create The Training and Operation Manual Book for custom company.
    • Create the SOP.
    • Create the Operation System (Provide System Tools – Implementation – Training – Follow up – Operation Excellence Review).
    • People Development.
    • Follow-up System with operation excellence.
  2. Provide Temporary Training Department as needed. Zoom will be a Rental Training Department at the company. The company hire the Zoom in a periodically time to fulfilled the need and objective of the company.
  3. Provide Follow-up system.
  4. Provide Business Operation System.
  5. Provide Franchise System.
  6. Provide Branding System and Development.
  7. Provide Sales and Marketing System and Development (Online and Offline).
  8. Provide In-House Training.
    • Motivation
    • Communication Skill
    • Leadership

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