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Online Marketing Companion

Online Marketing now days is still be a powerful tools to boost the business activities in as an educational tools, soft selling tools or hard selling tools. The comprehensive. The mastery of comprehensive online marketing knowledge is now very necessary to get a truly optimum marketing mix that aims to optimize the budget and get maximum sales. At the starting of a business it is very necessary to optimize the marketing budget to generate large sales in order to get healthy cash flow. Usually the marketing budget of a business is in the range of 5% -10% of sales to be able to have flexibility in managing the marketing mix.

Zoom Training provides facilities to optimize the marketing budget by using online marketing that is run effectively and efficiently that is oriented towards the conversion of marketing activities into transactions. Zoom Training provides services to support online marketing activities with several activities:

  1. Internet Marketing Class for individual or group.
  2. Marketing Campaign to increase brand awareness.
  3. Marketing Booster to increase sales.
  4. Marketing Survey to get information on customer needs.

Completely Zoom Training also provide the Business System including the Marketing Support to run day to day business.

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