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ZOOM Training

ZOOM is a Training System Developer. Mostly in a big company, they have a Training Department but in a small company they don’t have it. It is normal because Training Department mostly will be a cost center when it is not working properly. But we realize that the Training Department have a rich benefits when it is worked efficiently and effectively.

The functions of Training are :

  • Transferring corporate culture to team members / employees.
  • Teach, implement and monitor team members / employees about discipline.
  • Train, evaluate and monitor the implementation of the SOP carried out by team members / employees.
  • Create parameters to assess training status and make the performance review.
  • Creating Human Capital Development pathways and training systems.
  • Leadership Development Program,

The functions should work optimally so the Training Department will play the role of :

  • Training and development helps optimize Human Capital Utilization.
  • Training and development helps increase employee productivity.
  • Training and development helps create a better corporate brand image.
  • Training and development helps measure the indicators of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations.
  • Training and development helps improve the health and safety of the organization so that the organization is maintained in fresh conditions.

Implementation of the Training Department System requires periodic and consistent implementation to build the history and value of the organization or company. After that the Training Department will have the task:

  • Helps identify weaknesses of team members / employees
  • Improve Work Performance
  • Creating consistency in work performance
  • Ensuring job satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve service quality and products
  • Minimizing costs
  • Minimizing supervision

To help the company growing, Zoom offer the services :

  1. Creating and building the training system.
    • Create The Training and Operation Manual Book for custom company.
    • Create the SOP.
    • Create the Operation System (Provide System Tools – Implementation – Training – Follow up – Operation Excellence Review).
    • People Development.
    • Follow-up System with operation excellence.
  2. Provide Temporary Training Department as needed. Zoom will be a Rental Training Department at the company. The company hire the Zoom in a periodically time to fulfilled the need and objective of the company.
  3. Provide Follow-up system.
  4. Provide Business System.
  5. Provide Franchise System
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